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Topical re: OBL

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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new server

Just bought gotpoetry.com a new server. 2 months and I will be done re-coding. Nothing major will be different at first.

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big crash

Gotpoetry crashed hard today. Time to buy a new server. Big $$$.

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TV today

The average US citizen watches 5 hours of tv a day

I don't even have cable.

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"They never hear it, they feel it."

The way they found him was by tracing his fees. Yes they were in cash but that doesn't matter anymore. People the cartels want to disappear get paid cash by people he pays. Eventually he deposited enough pieces of his assassinations to convenience stores and groceries and bars and take out pad thai restuarants that used their ACH cloud services subsidiary to web him in.

"They never hear it, they feel it and don't remember."

"Julia to foxtrot"
"Foxtrot over"
"Proceed "

"They never hear it, they feel it and don't remember much from there..."

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Tea Party?

I thought Real American's drank coffee.

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Heroes are painful, superheroes are a catastrophe.

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Julia is two

Today is my Daughter's 2nd birthday. Squee, YaYa (what she calls herself), Julia Rose. Named after my beloved grandmother and the middle name of my wife Anne's Grandmother, she is equally and more beloved.

We had two parties for her this weekend. One on Saturday for the family and one on Sunday for her and TJ's (her brother) friends, but today is her birth day.

On my desk at work I have a picture of myself and my wife, one of TJ and Julia and another of just Julia herself. Her hair is slowly coming in all over. At first when she was so small, she had no hair at all. Then her hair grew in from the back and she was mostly bald up top, the ultimate baby mullet, "short up top for the Daddies, long in back for the Momma's"... now it is more grown in, but her hair still resembles the Nick Nolte mug shot in the most adorable way that Nick Nolte's mug shot is not.

TJ, her brother loves her too and she adores him. They are brother and sister though so they have their moments. Lots of people say Julia can hold her own with the bigger kids. The daycare people at the gym say that, some of the parents of TJ's friends say that, so perhaps having an older brother gives her an advantage.

She talks. She talks and says so many things that it surprises you. Some times you think she is a mimic savant with how she can repeat almost anything you tell her to say, to the point when she doesn't repeat what you ask her to, you almost think she is refusing on principle. Animals, sounds, names, phrases, three words at a time. She says "No more eat" when we leave a restaurant, she says "TJ, Mommy, bye bye" if they leave together. Please, thank you, her vocabulary is immense. "Yesh" for yes. "No, uh uh, nope..." all for no. She talks so well I sometimes forget that a lot of two year olds can't speak this way.

At night we read to her as we read to her brother. Sometimes together, sometimes separate from her brother, but the special thing that she and I do is to sit in her rocking chair and sing lullabies’ before I put her down for the night. The same four or five songs. Little Boy Blue, Rock-a-bye Baby, Silent Night, and a sweet song I think I learned from Anne that she made up: "Lullaby and good night, soon you will be sleeping, lay your head down to rest, and soon sleep will appear. Lullaby and good night..."

Our friend Sou knitted her a rainbow blanket that she sleeps with every nap and night. She loves that thing. She also sleeps in a big giant pink fuzzy blanket. I put her down on one half of it and cover her with the other half. Her crib looks like the coziest place to sleep I'd have ever slept, were I able to fit into a 4 foot by 3 foot crib.

She loves dolls and trucks and her play kitchen set that I put together for Santa until 2:30 AM on Christmas Eve. When music comes on the stereo that she likes she leans her head back and yells "Ahhhhhhhh" and spins around, sometimes until she falls down. She loves to watch backward too. One day Anne and I were at the kitchen table and she said to us "Mommy. Daddy. Watch this." and she proceeded to walk backwards from near the able across the next room. We were quite impressed and she knew it.

We love her, our YaYa, our Julia. Happy birthday sweetheart.

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